Jones Mill House Different Produce

We call our produce Different Produce because we mainly do somewhat unusual things, or unusual varieties of produce you commonly find. It’s different. We mainly don’t offer produce you can get easily from our terrific Gilmanton farmer friends and neighbors.

Although we have been growing for a while, we are just beginning to market some of our produce. Here is a list of what we are growing and what is available.

To interested folks in around  Gilmanton and to our friends in Boston:  Contact us ( for timing, actual availability, prices, and delivery.

We participate in Gilmanton’s Own Market. Follow it on Facebook and Twitter @GilmantonsOwn.


****FRESH BAKED BREAD: We have a terrific sourdough, available in baguettes or rounds. Also multi-grain, which is great for sandwiches. And pita bread. Available through the winter by prior arrangement, usually around weekends. Write to to order and arrange pickup.


****HEIRLOOM TOMATO SAUCE: Very concentrated — a cup of sauce= about a pound of tomatoes. Each jar is made from a variety of heirloom tomatoes cooked way down without added spices or herbs so you can use it any way you want — for sauces or soups. No chemicals, no added sugar, no taste of can.

****GARLIC: We had a great harvest last year and we have some good storage garlics, so they’re still available!


Lavender Sugar, Lemon Sugar, Rose Sugar:  These are wonderful in baking or use them in your tea!

Habanero Salt, Jalapeño Salt:   Good in salsas or maybe your margarita!

PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN LATE SPRING, EARLY SUMMER: We will be selling these mainly through Gilmanton’s Own Market

****DAHLIA PLANTS: Dahlias are extraordinarily beautiful flowers, bringing gorgeous color to your garden from August until frost. They can be tricky to get going (that’s our job), but once they begin, they’re thrilled in your sunny garden. I will have many different colors available; see our Dahlia Page in the spring to check them out.

****TOMATO PLANTS: We specialize in growing heirloom tomatoes, and we make sure we have some plants for you to grow in your own garden. Red ones, black ones, orange ones, pink ones, yellow ones — all sorts of colors and sizes.  See our Tomato Page in the spring to check them out.

*****PEPPER PLANTS: Our favorites are sweet ones and peppers with some good kick but a lot of taste, gathered from favorites around the world. We don’t do the super hot ones — if you want to burn your head off, you’ll have to go somewhere else. But we will have pepper seedlings available if you want them to grow in your garden. Definitely paprika plans, and we’ll see what else. See our Pepper Page in the spring to check them out.


Fresh from the ground.  Why would you want fresh horseradish? Perhaps you need your sinuses cleared. But more likely you would love a horseradish cream sauce  for roast beef or salmon. If you haven’t tried it, you’ve been missing out.



Sorrel is a perennial herb used much more in central and southern European cooking (and elsewhere) than it is in the United States. It has a great herby, lemony flavor. Our favorite way to use it is to make sorrel soup. There is a French version and a Russian/Ukrainian version, also known as schav.  And other versions.  There are also recipes for sorrel sauce, that can be used for various meats and fish.



PRODUCTS AVAILABLE LATER IN THE SUMMER: We will be selling these mainly through Gilmanton’s Own Market

Tomatoes: We should have heirloom tomatoes of all the colors, sizes, and shapes named above. Maybe 40 varieties.


Potatoes: We grow a half dozen different varieties, different color flesh and skin, somewhat different textures. All taste wonderful.


PeppersWe should have about 8 varieties in the sweet and spicy categories (not super hot), with an emphasis on peppers used around the world in various national cuisines.


Popcorn:  What fun to have real popcorn, not commercial popcorn! All different colors.

Gourds:  We have selected the kinkiest, wartiest, prettiest gourds we can find, specializing in round ones and pear-shaped ones. These are great for fall decorations.


Dahlia Flowers:


And maybe more.

If you would like to be notified of what is available, just email and say, List Please.

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