Vegetable Page

Here are some of the vegetables we grew in 2021

Cucumbers: Three varieties:

Improved Telegraph (top): A heritage variety introduced in England in 1897. Long, burpless, mild-tasting cucumbers with very small tender seeds. Smooth skin. More cucumber for your cucumber!    Suyo Long (middle): From northern China, these are sweet-flavored and crisp. Burpless. Ridged fruits, almost seedless.   Poona Kheera (bottom): From India. Smooth skin (which is tender — no need to peel), crisp fruits. Crisp, crunchy, mild, delicious. Which do we like best? We only grow what we like!

Greens: We grow 4 kinds of Kale (Russian Red, Lacinato, Scarlet, Blue). We offer Wild Arugula until the middle of July.



Herbs:  We have a wide variety we offer as plants and as herbs for your cooking: Basil (Green, Purple, & Thai), Chives, Lemon Balm, Lemon Grass, Parsley, Rosemary, Sage, Salad Burnet



Italian Striped Zucchini: A traditional Italian variety — they are delicious. Our favorite. That’s why we grow them.




Tomatoes: We grow up to 40 heirloom varieties. We sell seedlings in the spring, tomatoes as they ripen. For more information, check our our Tomato Page.



Peppers:  We grow about 30 different varieties, all heirlooms, many of them local to other countries of the world, used extensively in dishes from those places (e.g. Mexico, Basque country, eastern Europe, Spain).  We dry a lot to make and sell pepper powders to use all year.No bell peppers, no super hots. For more information, see our Pepper Page.

Potatoes: We grow 6 different varieties — they will be in Gilmanton’s Own Market after they are harvested and cured.


Onions:  Red and Yellow varieties, offered in the Market after they are harvested and cured.