Dahlia Page

We are in love with DAHLIAS! A total LOVE AFFAIR!

We sell DAHLIA PLANTS at Gilmanton’s Own Market at the South Barn Farm Market, 741 Province Rd., Gilmanton starting around June 1

 They are easy to grow if you give them sun, water, and something to hold up these tall flowers laden with blooms. 

Once dahlias get started — which they are when you buy them from us —  they are pretty tolerant and easy to grow. Well-drained soil in the sun. They grow 3-5′ so stake them.  Japanese beetles sometimes like hiding in some blooms, but they only like some plants and leave the rest alone. We have never had deer problems with them.

Dahlias will fill your garden with color and beauty from late July or early August until the frost takes them down. When nothing else is giving you color, when all the other flowers are dead and gone, the dahlias are there, still extravagant and eye-catching. 

Some people worry because of the idea of lifting them and keeping them over the winter. You can do that if you wish — we’re happy to advise you on how. But you really don’t have to. Seriously — they are worth having even if you keep them as an annual. Dahlias will give you such lush color for so long, you don’t need to lift and keep them to make it worthwhile.

Here are most of the dahlia plants we are growing this year. We have tubers available for sale for all the dahlias with their names in black. Available now:

Bonanza: 3
Brown Sugar: 3
Caribbean Fantasy: 11
Center Court: 7
Day Dreamer: 13
Foxy Lady: 2
Gabrielle Marie: 8
Jitterbug: 5
Lake Ontario: 8
Miss Delilah: 3
Miss Molly: 5
Picasso: 5
Voodoo: 12
White Nettie: 1

We don’t have enough viable tubers to release any with their names in red.

To order tubers write to us at vsapiro@gmail.com.  Or write to ask a question.

THE BIG BLOOMS:  Usually 6 inches and more


Anna Cornelia: 6″ red wine colored flower on a 4-5′ plant.



Cafe au Lait: 8″ light pastel orange peach flower on a 4′ plant.



Cameo Peach: Beautiful 7″  blooms of peach, pink, a little yellow on a 4′ plant.



Center Court: Stunning white 7” blooms. The petals fold back to make an elegant profile, cupping the stem. 5’ tall.



Diva:  6″ purple bloom on a 4.5′ plant



Gitt’s Crazy7.5″ gold and pink bloom on a 5.5″ plant.



Miss Delilah:  Fabulous hot pink with white toward the center – amazing. Great 6-8” blooms on 4’ tall plant

Raspberry Punch: 7″ bright red blooms on a 5′ plant.

MIDDLE-SIZED BLOOMS: Usually around 4-5″ blooms


All That JazzOrange/red 5″ flower on a 4′ plant.



Bonanza4″ bloom on a 3-4′ plant.  Shades of yellow, pink, orange with purple toward the center.



Caribbean Fantasy: 5″ blooms on a 3′ plant. White, peach, yellow, some bright red.



Cornel:  4 bloom on a 4′ plant. Deep red.



Gabrielle Marie: 5″ bloom on a 4′ plant. Peach apricot with a little lavender blush.



Day Dreamer: Beautiful, subtle shades of soft yellow and blush apricot on a full-petal, 4-6” bloom. 4’ tall.



Lake Ontario:  Stunning golden flowers with ruby red tips. 4-6″ blooms on a 4-5′ plant



L’Ancresse4′ white bloom on a 4′ plant.



Linna: Stunning yellow and peach 5″ flowers on a 5.5 foot tall plant.


Ova Jo: 4″ yellow and white bloom on a 4′ plant.


Voodoo: Deep dark 5″ blooms on a 4.5 foot plant

LITTLE FOLK: Less than 4″


Brown Sugar: Rusty red 3.5″ bloom on a 4′ plant.



Foxy Lady 3.5″ pink with gold bloom on a 4′ plant.



Jitterbug: Cute 2.5″ salmon flowers with yellow highlights in the center. 3′ plants. 



Lora Ashley:  3″ bloom on a 4′ plant. Sunset colors.



Mardy Gras: 2.5 inch orange and gold on a 4′ plant.



Miss Molly: 3″ pink and yellow blend on a 4′ plant.


Picasso: 3.5″ bloom on a 4′ plant. White with random splashes of red



Raz-Ma-Taz: 2.5 bloom on a 3.5′ plant. Red tips with pink, apricot inner.



White Nettie: 2.5 inch white bloom on a 3.5′ plant.