Dahlia Page


We love dahlias. A total love affair. You will love them too. Easy to grow if you give them sun, water, and something to hold up these tall flowers laden with blooms.

In the Spring — late May to early June — we will be selling Dahlia plants. In August we will start selling dahlia flower bouquets, and will keep doing so until frost kills our plants.

Once dahlias get started — which they will be if you buy plants — they are pretty easy and tolerant creatures. Japanese beetles sometimes like hiding in some blooms, but they are selective, it seems. Other than that, these will fill your garden with color and beauty from late July or early August until the frost takes them down. Of course, the actual size of the plants and blooms depends on local conditions.


THE BIG BLOOMS:  Usually 6 inches and more

cameopeachCameo Peach: Beautiful 7″  blooms of peach, pink, a little yellow on a 4′ plant.

centercourtCenter Court: Stunning white 7” blooms. The petals fold back to make an elegant profile, cupping the stem. 5’ tall.


Gitts Crazy: Magical 7″ bronze and rosy purple bloom on a 5.5 foot plant.

Bitsy Bitsy: A dwarf (18 inch) dahlia with 4″ blooms of beautiful white with pink edges.

IMG_6117Marry Me: Big lavender pink 6.5″ with white in the center on 5′ plants (flowers only)

MissDelilahMiss Delilah:  Fabulous hot pink with white toward the center – amazing. Great 6-8” blooms on 4’ tall plants.

raspberrypunchRaspberry Punch:  Big 7″ raspberry red flowers with a little yellow center on 5′ plants


MIDDLE-SIZED BLOOMS: Usually around 4-5″ blooms

daydreamerDay Dreamer: Beautiful, subtle shades of soft yellow and blush apricot on a full-petal, 4-6” bloom. 4’ tall.

Linna  Linna: Stunning yellow and peach 5″ flowers on a 5.5 foot tall plant.

DahliaPic Miss Molly: Simply gorgeous mauve pink and yellow blend. Blooms 3-4” on 4’ plants – great on their own or impressive in a cluster.

octskyOctober Sky:  The best of fall colors brought forward to summer. Soft orange and gold blooms of 5” on a strong 5’ plant. Oh, my.

purplerosePurple Rose:  Fabulous large 5″ flowers that look like their name.

DahliaSunburst:  Large red blooms with yellow centers. (Flowers only)

voodoo   Voodoo: Deep dark 5″ blooms on a 4.5 foot plant


LITTLE FOLK: Less than 4″

IMG_6120Cornel: Dark red, 3.5″ blooms on 3.5′ plants. (Flowers only)

JasonMatthew Jason Matthew: Stunning 3″ dark purple on 5′ plants.

jitterbugJitterbug: Cute 2.5″ salmon flowers with yellow highlights in the center. 3′ plants.

loraashleyLora Ashley: 3″ orange and peach blossoms on a 4′ plant. (flowers only)


mardygrasMardy Gras: Sparkly bright orange with bright yellow near the center 2.5 inch blooms on 4′ plants.. Stands out in a crowd! (Flowers only)

PicassoPicasso: The artist would be proud — abstract pattern of burgundy red streaks on soft white blossoms. Nice 3.5 inch blooms on 4′ plants.

IMG_6121Raz-Ma-Taz: Deep red surrounding yellow 2.5 inch blooms on a 3.5 foot plant. (Flowers only)