Jams, Jars, etc.


Throughout the year we make various seasonal and other products. Almost all of our jams and jars are made from our own produce, picked fresh during their season. That means the fruits and vegetables are farmed sustainably without added nasty chemicals, almost all are heirloom varieties, or in any case chosen for their flavor. That’s just not true of commercially-produced jarred goods, which depend on large-scale commercial farming (who knows how — they never say), and the addition of enough salt, sugar, and preservatives to make them taste like, well, salt, sugar, and whatever.

Most of these products are available through Gilmanton’s Own Market or you can purchase direct through us by emailing vsapiro@gmail.com .


Blueberry, Peach, Red Currant  in the summer, Blood Orange Marmalade in the winter.



When you grow 40 or so varieties of heirloom tomatoes, the end of the season means doing cool things with them to last the winter. These recipes take advantage of the fact that tomatoes are fruits — and taste like fruit when they are cooked and the sugars come out. This year we have:

HEIRLOOM TOMATO SAUCE: Each jar contains a mix of different tomatoes, either reds, blacks, purples, and other dark colors, or yellows, oranges, and whites to create two different color sauces. This sauce is slowly cooked down until it is concentrated to about 1 pound of tomatoes per cup of sauce. Just a little salt (and citric acid for preservation), means it can be used any way you want. Spice and herb it up for spaghetti sauce, use it in a stew, make tomato soup out of it — anything. 

LEMONY BLUSH & YELLOW PEAR TOMATO JAM: Made from Blush Tomatoes (yellow with a little pink) and Yellow Pear Tomatoes (just like they sound), cooked down with chopped whole lemons (yes, including the skin) and sugar to create a beautiful sweet lemony jam. 

MOROCCAN SPICES SWEET & HOT CHERRY TOMATO PRESERVES: Cherry tomatoes simmered whole in middle eastern spices and sugar

SWEET HOT PEPPER TOMATO JAM: This is a sweet jam with a kick, made from our tomatoes and peppers with lemon, sugar, spices. Delicious with cheese.

ANCHO POBLANO HEIRLOOM TOMATO RELISH: Made with both heirloom tomatoes and Ancho Poblano Tomatoes, this tastes like a mild salsa or a spicy ketchup. Great as a dip or a spread.

RICH TOMATO CHUTNEY: heirloom tomatoes, onions, raisins, peppers, spices — rich, spicy, delicious.